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Dive into our portfolio of past and ongoing initiatives, showcasing our commitment to driving innovation and progress in research and education


Co-funded by the European Union, AfricaConnect is a series of initiatives aimed at establishing high-capacity internet networks across Africa, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in education and research


EUMEDCONNECT provides a high-capacity dedicated Internet network for the research and education communities across the southern and eastern Mediterranean region


Co-Funded by the European Commission in the framework of FP6, EUMEDGRID aimed to develop Grid e-Infrastructure in the Mediterranean, fostering closer collaboration between scientists in the region and Europe


EUMEDGRID-Support made a further step to push towards a larger production quality e-Infrastructure and the adoption of more sustainable organizational models for the provision of services.


Funded by the European Commission, CHAIN aimed to harmonize European and global e-Infrastructures, especially Grid interfaces. Through operational models and virtual research communities, CHAIN supported seamless collaboration for trans-continental research while exploring coordination with other initiatives and fostering standards adoption


Co-funded by the European Commission, CHAIN-REDS promoted collaboration among e-Infrastructures across continents, enabling worldwide access to resources for research communities.


The MAGIC Project aims to enhance global research collaboration through middleware agreements across Europe, Latin America, and other regions. It facilitates mobility and real-time application access for international research groups, fostering interoperability and collaboration among global science communities